Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Be Your Own Branding Billboard

You have a business card, right? Maybe even a website branded with your logo with images and content that reflect what your company is about and the services you offer.  You might even have a small (or large) marketing budget that allows you to place adverts in media that your local, national or international customer base visit on a regular basis.

So how else do customers find your business?  Still to this day, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. No matter how big your marketing budget, you cannot buy the belief and trust that a family or friend will give somebody when they recommend a company they have had a good experience with.  

So how about the next best thing? What you wear. 

To fully appreciate the impact that branding your workwear can have, we need to dig a little deeper to understand the human psyche.

There's a reason why Ralph Lauren embroiders their clothing with their logo. Well, there's two really.  One, you can instantly recognise what brand of polo shirt is being worn, and, in the process, whoever is wearing that polo shirt is advertising Ralph Lauren.

And two, it makes the wearer feel a certain way; "I don't sell clothes, I sell a lifestyle".

Now, the majority of workwear isn't going to be a £90 Ralph Lauren polo shirt.  But the same principles apply.  By branding your workwear either with embroidery or print you are achieving several things.  You and your staff are a walking, talking billboard for your company.  Whether you pop into town for your lunch or are out and about in general, people will notice your web url on your back, or a logo on the front of your shirt.  

By branding your workwear you are making a statement. "This is what i believe in. I'm proud to work for this company."  If you believe in your company, so will your customers.

Initiating a staff workwear policy with branded clothing can instill a sense of pride in your staff.  A sense of belonging and being part of a team. 

Also, and quite an important but a simple note to remember, is make sure your workwear is fresh, clean and presentable.  Make sure you ditch the tired, grubby workwear and replace it regularly to keep you and your staff looking smart.  If you look untidy and 'unkept' that doesn't give the best message for your company.  Allowing your staff to wear clothing with holes or logos flaking off can do more harm than good to the reputation of your business.

And remember, first impressions really do count.

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